VMorg Mag. Issue 2

It wasn't a one time thing, the wonderful Raphaella and Ben have returned for your second instalment of the VMorg Mag!

VMorg Ltd's community and friends, Issue Number 2!

Special thanks to Raph for the editing, photography and HER FIRST ARTICLE!~!

This months cover photo comes from Puteri Dewhirst with her LEMAN design! 
Massive thanks to all the musicians who performed at VMorg Music Month! 
Tait from Swimsuit for a great chat about his experience opening!~ 
Kereru Brewing Company for being more than just a beer brand! 
CubaDupa for being a spectacular day in the capital!

Big-ups to Hamish Johns and Raphaella for the photography in this issue too~!

See y'all in a month when we drop the next one, Ben Morgan <3

Also where ever you are in the country, catch you at a Kingsland Music x EgoValve show over the next two weekends! Dates are on the back cover of the mag!